KidBehave and It'sMyTurn, apps for parents and kids


KidBehave is a simple chart that goes wherever you and your kids go. Take the standard 'clip chart' to a whole new level. Just choose a picture and start moving kids up and down!

Upgrade to KidBehave Platinum to create a customized chart with labels and colors that work for you!


It'sMyTurn will make keeping track of whose turn it is a breeze. Setup is as easy as choosing or snapping a photo or your 'Turn Takers' then adding any activity you'd like to track. Use the timer to time each person's turn. 'Random Turn' is a fun way to settle a dispute about whose turn it is fast!

About Us

KidBehave and It'sMyTurn were created by a mom who was just tired of yelling at her kids. She found a printable behavior chart to hang up in the kitchen, and taped pictures of the kids' faces to it. This worked well, but what about when they were out at a store, a restaurant or stuck in traffic? Now that these charts are available as apps, parents and caregivers can have an easier time navigating with the kids around town, or anywhere!

"My kiddo really responds to positive encouragement and celebrates his good decisions. This app allows us to do just that and my son loves to ‘move himself up the scale’ when he’s recognized for good behavior."

"Great product. Helps us avoid meltdowns while traveling and in stores. Seamlessly integrates with our refrigerator chart so kids always know where they stand. Reduces parent stress and loud voices towards kids. “Clip up” and “clip down” keeps it simple for us. thanks!"

"I love that this app is simple, user friendly and works! Such a great idea to put the behavior tracker on your phone so you can use it anywhere!"

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